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The Idaho Writers Guild offers networking, employment and educational opportunities as diverse as the writers who join it. In addition to serving as a networking resource for writers wishing to become actively involved in the writing community, the organization provides a collective voice to assist The Cabin (formerly the Log Cabin Literary Center) in planning and developing programs to aid writers.

Members are eligible to submit work for publication to the Guild Blog and receive discounts to IWG workshops, events and other activities, an online newsletter, access to our website and Facebook listings.

Writers of all genres are eligible for membership. Our two-tiered membership program gives Associate members the opportunity to connect with published writers who are listed on the Roster of Professional Writers at The Cabin, and once published themselves, upgrade to the status of Roster member. Roster members are able to accept work requests or speaking engagements from organizations and groups.

The cost to join, for both Roster and Associate members, is $25.00 per year. Also, you must be a member of The Cabin in order to join the Idaho Writers Guild.

The Guild is run by a five-member Governing Committee, elected annually by the membership.


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