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IWG Literary Lunch—The Business of Writing

Date/Time: Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

Location: Smoky Mountain Pizza, 415 East Parkcenter Boulevard, Boise

Program: What You Need to Know in the New Age of Publishing

Whether or not you plan to self-publish your next book (fiction or non-fiction), you should know about the changes in the publishing world, and how to decide the most prudent direction for your writing. Joanne Pence, a USA Today bestselling mystery writer, has also written historical fiction, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and dark contemporary fantasy.

Joanne has just returned from a week’s intensive master class on current trends in publishing and will be sharing some of the information she learned. Are you confused by Mobi vs. E-pub? CreateSpace vs. Lulu? “KDP Select” vs. everyone else? Hiring others vs. do-it-yourself book or e-book publishing? And if you want to hire others, what questions do you need to ask before you contract with them? Come to this month’s Literary Lunch and bring your questions as Joanne attempts to demystify the new world of publishing.

The Idaho Writers Guild meets the third Tuesday of every month. Network with writers and others in the literary community and get rejuvenated! The Literary Lunches are open to the public. The Idaho Writers Guild means writers working for writers.

For more information about the IWG Literary Lunch, contact Merilee Marsh, 208-921-5328, or email mm@merileemarsh.com.


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